IB Application Procedure

Thank you to all the parents/guardians and students who attended our IB session last night.  To apply to our IB program, here are the items you will need to complete:

  1. Required: Complete the application form here (Download, fill out, and save)
  2. Required: Obtain a copy of your most recent report card.  Can be PDF or IMAGE.  You can contact your school administration for this.
  3. Required: Complete the course selection form found here.
  4. Optional: If coming from outside our school zone, please complete the transfer application here (download, fill out and save)
  5. Optional: if applying for a bursary, download and complete this form
  6. Send teachers this link (shorturl.at/doGU7) to submit a reference for you (Note: this does not need to be completed by that teacher prior to the deadline)

How to Submit Application:

All documents above are to be submitted using the online form (click here), where you can upload each part of the application.  The deadline for these forms are Friday, Feb 11th at 4:00PM.  You can also send or deliver the application to the school as well.

How to pay Application Fee:

Application fee payments can also be completed online, here.

You can also opt to pay cash/cheque/debit/credit.  Please call the school to make arrangements.