Welcome to the Holy Heart Faculty page. Holy Heart currently has over seventy full time teachers and support staff, working to make sure the school runs smoothly and efficiently.  Please click on the staff member below for their email address.

2023-2024 School Year


Carla Roberts – Principal
Mark Goulding – Assistant Principal
Jamie Parsons – Assistant Principal

Administrative Assistants
Lori Manning – Administrative Assistant
Valerie Perchard – Administrative Assistant

Jon Lodge– School Counsellor
Lynnette Samuelson – School Counsellor
Erin Cavanagh – School Counsellor/IRT

English Department
Kelly Smith – Dept Head
Colleen Doyle-Brown
Matthew Horan (Social Studies)
Jeremy House
Brett Langdon (IRT)
Patti Morgan
Michelle O’Connell (IB coordinator)
Megan Ormshaw
John Rao (Performing Arts)

Erin Coates (EAL)
Suzanne McBride (EAL)
Emily Morgan (Learn)

French Department
David Newhook – Dept Head
Danielle Burlock
Darryl Goodridge
Rebecca Howse
Erin Noseworthy

Math Department
Linda Stacey – Dept Head
Kayla Dillon (English)
Brad Gosse
Dawn Marsh
Jon Mauger
Paula Moyse
Michelle Power
Tim Rusted
Todd Sharpe

Patricia Wright

School Librarian
Tanya Edney

Science Department
Robert Brake – Dept Head
Michael Gillam
Aimee Hann
Mona Hepditch
Darren Holloway
Natasha Janes
Jamie Jenkins
Daniel Morgan
Janet Nixon
Jane Pearson
Lynn Worthman

Social Studies
Andrew Moyst– Dept Head
Laura Breen
Jeremy Dixon
Joanne Lockyer
Stephanie Power (Visual Art)
Leanne Rossiter
Amy Slaney-Howell (English)
Patrick Warren (English)

Family Studies – Becky Winsor
MusicRobert Colbourne and Rob Lee (on leave)
Skilled Trades and TechnologyCole Murphy and Craig Stratton

Physical Education
Jacinta Bruce
John Douglas (Athletic Director)
Lindsay Klemola (Home Economics)
Chris MacEachern (Skilled Trades/Social Studies)
Teri Murphy

Visual Arts
Susy Randell
Meleny Yetman (on leave)

Student Support Services
Sarah Chalker – Dept. Head
Catherine Blake
Deborah Brawley (TLA)
Allison Brennan
Cheryl Coates (on leave)
Sarah Harnum
Paul Masters
Trista Pitts
Brittany Russell
Kristopher Smith
Crystal Soper
Allison Walsh
Greg Winter

Student Assistants
Joanne Barnable
Lisa Penney
John Pinto
Sharon Leonard
Wanda Quessy
Violet St. Croix

Custodial Staff
Greg O’Neill
Elizabeth Coughlan
Evan Critch
Andre LeRiche
Abdallah Maktof