Report a Student Absence

Starting October 1, 2021 we are implementing a new attendance reporting system called SAFEARRIVAL. If you are reporting an absence you will now be required to call 1-(844)-408-9360.  You can also download the safe arrival app, called “School Messenger”.  The link to the app is below:


You will be required to set up an account.  The email used must be the same as the email you have on file with us (the email that you are receiving this memo is what we have on file).  

Please note: SafeArrival works with powerschool but it sends home notifications separately from PS.  To minimize the number of notifications, you may wish to turn off your PS notifications.  We suggest you wait until you get familiar with the system before deciding to remove any notifications.  

Below are some Helpful links to get you started:

Letter to parents          

Using School Messenger      

Turn off PS Notifications

We will discontinue the requirement for absences to be submitted to [email protected] on October 20th, to allow some transition time to get acquainted with the new system.