Holy Heart is proud to offer one of the provinces leading physical education and athletic programs.

Healthy Living Courses

These courses are designed:

  • To provide students with an understanding of the components of physical fitness and concepts of active living. Students learn to assess their physical fitness requirements and to plan personal fitness programs that are both beneficial and enjoyable.
  • To have students develop skills in a variety of physical and recreational activities that have appeal as worthwhile lifetime physical, recreation and sport pursuits.
  • To have students attain a good level of physical fitness as measured by the Cooper 12 minute run.
  • To provide a safe environment for individuals to achieve a sense of enjoyment, accomplishment and an improved state of social, mental and physical health.

Each course is designed to serve a wide range of students? needs and interests. Activities are selected from three areas team sports, individual sports and recreation type activities. Specific activities for each course are selected based on the number of students per class, if the class is in the am/pm, availability of facilities and student interests.