Welcome to Holy Heart of Mary High School Mathematics Department

The mathematics department at Holy Heart offers a wide range of courses to the student body, including the International Baccalaureate program. Mathematics is undergoing an explosion in new ideas and techniques, as well as in the understanding of basic mathematical structures. The discipline is central to many areas of post-secondary education such as economics to engineering and is an essential building block for every student’s educational future. The APEF curriculum focuses on independent thought and deductive and inductive reasoning, allowing students the opportunity to play an active role in the learning process. The integration of technology into the classroom allows the students to participate in hands-on interactive learning.

Program Information

Holy Heart of Mary High School’s commitment to quality teaching is evident in the five distinct mathematics programs. The department is committed to high quality targeted teaching at all grade levels in order to accommodate our diverse student body.

Students must obtain 4 credits in mathematics in accordance with the provincial high school diploma regulations. Students with university ambitions must obtain at least two credits in a three thousand level mathematics courses. It is recommended that students in the academic stream obtain M3201. Advanced stream students should obtain M3200 and M3208.