The Guidance Department at Holy Heart has many special programs and initiatives. Stay tuned to their new page unveiling in the near future…


This site is intended to provide scholarship information to students and parents. It will be continually updated.

Each Monday Student Council Representatives will be informed of the various awards and scholarship opportunities that they can announce to their homerooms.

Peer counselors, Emma Bishop and Amanda Terry will be available to help students find search databases, find information and work on scholarship applications and profile development.

Any students seeking additional information and help can speak to Mr. Perry in the Guidance Department. We announce scholarship opportunities regularly and also post information on our scholarship board outside Mr. Perry’s office .

Students are encouraged to actively research universities and post-secondary programs of choice to ensure they meet specific scholarship deadlines and criteria.


Welcome! Peer tutoring is a service for students. One student volunteers to help another student who needs help to improve in a specific subject area. There are many benefits when becoming a Tutor. A chance to meet new people, learn leadership roles, gain communication skills, improve skill development and academic achievement. This webpage will consist of tips that can help you with your studies during the year.


What is a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)?

A sexually transmitted infection, is an infection or possible decease, which you get from having unsafe sex. There has been 24 identified STIs, and while some are curable, they could led to infertility or even death. This is why it is VERY important to get tested on a regular bases for STIs.

How And Where Do You Get Tested For STIs?

You may get tested for STIs from your family doctor or at a planned parent hood near you. In doing so, you must request to be tested for STIs such as chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea or genital herpes; as there are different ways of testing. You will most likely get a pap smear and/or urine test. A pap smear you will also test you for abnormal cells which could lead to cancer cells. You should start getting pap smears at the age of 18 or once you have become sexually active, and continue annually until told other wise by a doctor.

What Happens During PAP Smear?

For a Female, a instrument called a speculum is inserted into the vagina, letting the doctor get a clear view of the cervix. Then a using a small wooden spatula and/or a small brush, they will gently scrape cells from the cervix. You may feel a little pressure while this procedure is taking place. The cells are then placed on a glass slide, sprayed with a preservative and sent to a lad for testing.

For men: to be tested for an STIs, and swab will be inserted in the tip of the penis to get a sample form the urethra. This is not a painful procedure as the penis is made of soft tissue, and is able to stretch.

The best time to get a pap smear is in the middle of you cycle. You are unable to get one while you are on your period as the results would be affected. It will take about 7-10 days to hear back from your doctor about results.


What we offer

  • Individualized Career Planning Sessions
  • Career Information
  • College and University Resources
  • Scholarship Aid Search and Information
  • Financial Aid Information
  • SAT Preparation
  • Resume Writing
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Application Forms
  • Contact with Universities and Colleges.

Career planning is a one on one session with one of our career facilitators. It helps identify your areas of interest, develop a focus list of career option, conduct research, and identify schools that will enable you to realize your goal.

How to sign up

Simply pick up a request form found on the guidance office board, and just return it to the drop off envelope. A facilitator will contact you within several days with an appointment.

Further questions? Drop by the guidance office any time, located on the second floor across from the staff room.