A message for NLESD 2021 Graduates

Below is a message from NLESD for the graduates of 2021:

“District staff and administrators have been hearing the concerns of high school students, particularly those graduating this year, about how this unusual year may be impacting on their level of preparedness for their continued education. I both understand and empathize with the upheaval and uncertainty that the public health emergency has meant to not only the lives of students, but of families, school staff members, and essentially every aspect of our communities.

We reached out to our partners in education, Memorial University and the College of the North Atlantic to share the following message with our students.

The continued learning and success of our students are among the reasons our organizations strive every day to provide quality educational opportunities. In the face of Covid-19 and its continued impacts, we are all more committed than ever to helping you realize your full potential”

Video Message: Click Here