Back to School Information

Below are the start times for students for the beginning of school. Also there is a link to a you tube video that is a virtual tour of the school. On the first day for Grade 10 students, we will also be doing a tour of the school and taking some time to go over a number of items and to answer questions I am sure you will have.

Wednesday, September 9th – 9:00am – Level 1 Students with Last Names from A-H (virtual tour)

Wednesday, September 9th – 1:00pm – Level 1 Students with Last Names from I-Z

Thursday, September 10th – Full Day for ALL students (Day 1 in your schedule)

We ask all students to check your powerschool before school starts to know which class you are in. Paper copies WILL be available, however to ensure no congestion in halls, the more that know their classroom the smoother it will be.

Level 4 students should email a member of the admin to setup a time to look at their schedules.

A reminder that NO outside visitors (including parents) are permitted into the school WITHOUT a prior booked appointment time.

We look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.