Physics 4224 AP is The Advanced Placement Physics Course offered to Level 3 honours students who have completed Physics 2204 and have either completed Physics 3204 or are taking it concurrently. This course along with the AP Biology Course at Heart were the first advanced placement programs to be offered in the province. Holy Heart has offered them since 1991. The course covers the program of study for the AP-B program offered internationally by the College Board of Rhode Island. In addition to the embellishment of topics covered in Physics 2204 & 3204 to a university level, the course also covers topics of lense and mirror systems, interference patterns, heat, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Students complete a comprehensive AP-B Exam in late May for which they must pay a fee and register in late January. The sole AP-B mark is based on this international examination. It is graded on a 1 to 5 scale and students are given advanced placement into higher level university courses and/or credit for first year non-calculus based university courses for achievement in the 3-5 range. Last year (2002-3) all Physics 4224 students registered for this exam and all did receive advanced placement. Physics 4224 is also evaluated throughout the year through tests, lab work , problem sets/assignments and 2 major exams. It is approved as a local course for a level 4 provincial credit which students will receive on their provincial transcripts.