FRENCH 2200, 3200 AND 3201

The Senior High Core French Program is organized thematically to reflect a range of interests and experiences common among high school students. It includes the following themes:
  • Family and Home
    • Immediate family: personal details, daily routines, individual responsibilities, family activities, family relationships, occupations.
  • School Life
    • Type, size, facilities, subjects, homework, schedule, examinations, teachers, school events, school clothes, organization of the school day/year, current issues, travel to and from school, relationships with peers and authority figures.
  • Leisure
    • Hobbies and interests, personal spending, friends, television, radio, music, reading, films, sports, cars, dining out, computers, clothes, shopping, routines outside of school, part-time jobs, social events, dating, movies, volunteer activities, community involvement, health and fitness, social concerns.
  • Holidays and Travel
    • Holiday plans, special days, methods of travel, weather, holiday activities, food and drink, learning about other people and their way of life, learning other languages.
  • Challenges of the future
    • Life after high school, becoming independent, career options, protection of the environment, human rights, scientific and technological advances, other topical issues.
These themes are explored through the use of one of the authorized resources, supported by complementary materials chosen by the teacher. The authorized learning resources should provide an essential information base for the development of thematic content; however, teachers would likely need to use other sources to ensure a current, accurate and full treatment. This broad approach to the use of learning resources should facilitate the achievement of all curriculum outcomes.