Français 3202 is a language development course. The course also offers students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the behaviour patterns of peoples comprising la francophonie. Using literary works which explore aspects of la francophonie and writings on topical issues, the course aims both to develop and refine communication skills, and to provide insight into the linguistic and cultural reality of francophones in other countries.
Students will study the following works: Les Misérables OR La Civilisation, ma Mère!, La symphonie pastorale, Cyrano de Bergerac, OR Le voyageur sans bagage, Passages (relevant articles from all six units), Du bout de la langue….au bout des doigts.
In the Course, students are required to:
  • Give one prepared oral presentation of twenty minutes duration.
  • Read independently five significant pieces of writing such as short stories, poems, songs, and newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Produce four major pieces of writing of approximately 400 words per piece.
Specific issues for study in Français 3202 are:
  1. Employment Trends
  2. Travel
  3. Global Issues for Debate
In Français 3202, to complement and extend the exploration of la francophonie and selected issues, it will be necessary to include contextual information on the following:
  1. Origins and Development – Colonization, development
  2. Social/Political Issues – International Relations/Conflicts, Industry/technology/economy, Individual Contributions
  3. Expressions of a Culture – Language/Literature, Visual/Performing Arts, Customs/Traditions